Dedicated to the conservation of hummingbird diversity and abundance throughout the Americas


It is a journey from first enjoying hummingbirds to helping them survive, reproduce, and thrive, to building restoration economies that benefit humans and at the same time, Protects the Joy.

Each community has its unique heritage and opportunities by which to create a shared dream of continued living with hummingbirds. Promoting shared interests of benefiting hummingbird and human communities, HMN envisions a network of Hummingbird Conservation Communities that:

1. Celebrate art and culture through hummingbird arts, stories, and crafts; to begin, Dillon Horger with the support of Flying Elephant Productions is compiling a summary of publicly available hummingbird myths and stories. He’s organized it by story theme and by which indigenous peoples have a story with that theme. It’s fun reading! Learning and listening to myths and the “important” stories about hummingbirds can help celebrate the uniqueness of each community and generate “avenues” for communicating about HCCs; the next steps will engage their craftsmen and artists to benefit from hummingbird art and to help hummingbird conservation efforts.

2. Identify conservation needs of hummingbird populations through scientifically informed assessment services and RESEARCH.

3. EDUCATE students of all ages about hummingbirds and their conservation needs while providing learning opportunities that stimulate science education and other hummingbird-inspired knowledge, as well as offering employment opportunities to students.

4. Detect emerging threats and evaluate effectiveness of conservation actions with scientifically-based MONITORING;

5. Develop economic opportunities to RESTORE hummingbird habitats and benefit communities; such as developing native plant nurseries, teaching community members survey techniques that evaluate effectiveness of conservation actions, and supporting costs of local restoration efforts.

As hummingbird conservation activities increase, the need to evaluate effectiveness of these actions grows because it’s important to know that our actions help hummingbirds survive, reproduce, and thrive. HMN’s goals are to develop projects, programs, and services that empower and help communities meet these needs. As our organization and partnerships develop, we are committed to exploring how our work can generate funds in a feedback system that supports both human and hummingbirds communities across cultures and generations.


Now new funding resources are needed to support projects such the Hummingbird Field Study Institute’s (HFSI) first meeting/workshop in Veracruz, MX ($10,000.00) and programs such as HMN’s research program with a Postdoctoral Fellowship for Claudia Rodriguez, a Colombian who will graduate soon with her PhD from UNAM, Mexico’s National University ($80,000.00). Our ultimate funding goals are to establish an endowment fund that covers organizational costs and to increase the numbers of donors who support project and program funding.

Please consider making a generous donation today. Any amount helps, and it is fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.